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Golf Lessons & Coaching for Men and Women

Accessible Golf Lessons and Coaching for All Golfers

Improve all aspects of your game with a top quality coach

Teaching from an advanced PGA professional
Best golf teaching facilities East of England
Golf lessons for all ages and skill levels
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Everyone wants a better golf game - good lessons and coaching will get you there

Have you ever noticed how even the world's best golfers always have a coach at their side? That's because there are always things to fix and improvements to make in anyone's golf game.

That philosophy applies to you as well - regardless or age, gender or handicap, your game will improve with a good coach and regular lessons. At Shay Brennan Golf, we can help you to fix problems with one-off lessons, but we also advise longer-term coaching to drive your game forward with continual improvements.

We can work with you at our indoor studio, or out on the course at Belton Park Golf Club near Grantham. We will design a performance improvement package just for you, and in no time you'll start to see major improvements in your scores.

Shay and the team are happy to have a chat on the phone if you are unsure about anything, or you can pop into our shop to talk to us in person and have a look around. 

SBG provides the environment to work on your game all year round, utilising over £30,000 of technology and 15 years of coaching experience at the highest level to give you every opportunity to make the advances you want.

Our extensive facilities include:

  • Indoor studio with indoor putting area
  • Large outdoor practice range 
  • Huge dedicated short game facility with multiple greens, bunkers and targets
  • Dedicated putting and chipping green 


* Belton Park is a private members club, but all-comers are welcome for lessons and coaching sessions with SBG.

Whatever you need, however you want to learn and play the game of golf, Shay Brennan and his team are here to provide everything you need.

Shay Brennan is the Head Professional at Belton Park Golf Club in Lincolnshire and a fully qualified 'Advanced Professional of The Professional Golfers' Association (PGA) Member' working towards Master Status. Along with the team at Belton Park, Shay offers the leading teaching facilities and coaching in the region.



Qualified and experienced

Shay is one of the leading PGA coaches in the UK, currently at Advanced level and working towards Master Professional status. He has worked with some of the UK's best amateur golfers, and developed award winning coaching programmes for junior golfers. Shay has been a coach for the BB&O County Golf Union, Head Coach for the Oxfordshire Girl's Team, and Girls Development Coach for Northamptonshire Golf Union. With the rest of the team at SBG, your game is in good hands.

All year round facilities available

When it's dark or the sun isn't shining, Shay can conduct your lessons or custom fitting in the comfort and privacy of his world class indoor academy, boasting the best hitting surface available, high-definition projection screen, and over 100 of the world's best courses loaded and ready to play in seconds. The performance simulator is run by the amazing Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor, providing highly accurate insight into every element of your golf swing. Pristine premium balls, tea and coffee, a world class coach -  and all in the comfort of the climate controlled room.

The latest technology

Whether we're custom fitting your clubs or giving you a lesson, as a customer of Shay Brennan Golf you have access to the very best technology available on the markey today - the very same as used by the world's top professionals. Shay has invested in a fantastic range of technology that helps you to improve and learn to play better golf. High-speed cameras, video analysis software, launch monitors, touchscreen monitors...not to mention the indoor simulator with 150,000 courses, scoring challenges, games and activities for all ages and ability levels.... everything required to create the perfect modern golf performance centre.

Golf lessons for men and ladies - Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire
Golf lessons for men and ladies - Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire